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Projects in Digital and Computational Archaeology

The chair of Digital and Computational Archaeology (Archäoinformatik) is overseeing a range of different projects, which are focused on various aspects of Digital Archaeology: starting from mobility analyses to 3D-Modelling, from West Asia and Africa to Europe.

Modelling of prehistoric hunting practices (MPJ)

The goal of this project is to build and enhance the empiric base of theorethical and computational models about prehistoric hunting practices. To the project page (in German)...

Contact: Prof. Dr. Eleftheria Paliou

Indigenous Knowledge and Archaeoinformatics (IKAi)

This project “Indigenous Knowledge and Archaeoinformatics” (IKAi) aims to combine Archaeoinformatics and Indigenous Knowledge (IK) for a better understanding of hunter (gatherer) mobility in an uninhabited archaeological landscape in western Central Namibia. To the project page...

Contact: Prof. Dr. Eleftheria Paliou


Meet and greet: Squares in Secondary Agglomerations of the North-western Roman Provinces

The bi-national research project (funded by the German Research Fund and the Swiss National Fund) is concerned with squares in secondary agglomerations of the north-western Roman Provinces. To the project page...

Contacts: Prof. Dr. Eleftheria Paliou and Prof. Dr. Deschler-Erb



Partner in the joint project "DFG 3D-Viewer"

The project of the University of Jena, the Academy of Mainz and the SLUB Dresden (funded by the German Research Fund) tries to create a digital 3D infrastructure for historic 3D-Reconstructions. As partner, the chair of Digital and Computational Archaeology is tasked to create various 3D-Models of architecture, material culture or excavation documentation. Zur Projektseite...

Contact at the UoC: Dr. Sebastian Hageneuer



In the garden of the queen. Digitisation of a Neo-Assyrian relief

In cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dominik Bonatz of the Freien Universität Berlin, the CoDArchLab creates various digital documentations of one of the most famous neo-assyrian reliefs in the British Museum: The baquett scene of Ashurbanipal. Besides the digital documentation, a digital re-colorisation of the relief as a basis for futher analytical research. Project page in construction.

Contact: Dr. Sebastian Hageneuer



Past Projects

COST Action Arkwork

As nations and the EU are making considerable investments in technologies, infrastructures and standards for all aspects of working with archaeological knowledge, critical understanding of how this knowledge is produced and used remains fragmentary. This COST Action aims to overcome this fragmentation by forming a transdisciplinary network that brings together the knowledge from individual research projects, national initiatives and EU projects (e.g. CARARE, LoCloud, Europeana Cloud, ARIADNE, DARIAH) in the field of archaeological knowledge production and use. Project webpage...

Work Group 4 Leader: Prof. Dr. Eleftheria Paliou




Experience of Antiquity with help of an Archaeology of the Senses

Within the framework of the Fellowship for Innovations in Digital University Teaching, a project on the sensory exploration of antiquity with the help of modern technologies has been launched. The project will not only test innovative methods of conveying archaeological knowledge, but also organise a two-day symposium on the topic. To the project page...

Contact person: Dr. Sebastian Hageneuer





The burial chamber of Cologne-Weiden

As part of an interdisciplinary research project, the cooperating institutes of the University of Cologne (Archaeological Institute and Regional Computing Centre) and the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Institute for Construction Management and Surveying and Institute for Computer Science) are currently working on a visualisation of the site. The aim of the work is to make the Roman burial chamber virtually accessible by means of VR glasses. To the project page...

Contact: Eckhard Deschler-Erb