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Computer-aided applications are gaining ever more importance in archaeology. Ranging from the basic generation of data (e. g., during excavations, prospections, and building surveys) to the management and evaluation of complex data structures and to the visualization and 3-D reconstruction of findings, special IT applications have found a place in everyday archaeological work. A Competence Network Archaeoinformatics was established in cooperation with other institutes in Cologne in 2008 to do justice to this increasing need, which also extends to teaching. At the same time, a comprehensively equipped computer pool was established in the rooms of the CoDArchLab, which can be used for specialized classes as well as by advanced students, e.g. when preparing their theses and dissertations (please refer to the schedule below). A broad range of the most important specialized software can be used in this computer pool:

  • Database programs
  • Image rectification programs
  • RTI software (RTIBuilder, RTIViewer)
  • 3D modelling software (Cinema4D, 3D Studio Max)
  • Geographic information systems (incl. ArcGIS, QGIS, Manifold, GRASS)
  • CAD programs (incl. AutoCAD)
  • Statistical programs (incl. R)


Room: 210, 2nd floor