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Study Abroad

It is recommended to all students from Cologne to study at another university for one or more semesters. Studying at another university promotes new contacts and gives new insights. It is best, if the change of university is abroad. The best and easiest way for a semester abroad is through Eramus +. The website of the DAAD offers more possibilities:

A temporary study abroad is especially recommended in the field of Classical Archaeology. It promotes language and monument knowledge, offers valuable life experiences and benefits for job perspectives later in life. The institute offers several bilateral agreements with universities abroad through the EU-Erasmus-Program. Students can go abroad for one or two semesters under facilitated conditions: no tuition fees, administrative procedures are simplified, a small scholarship (ca. 250 Euros a month) helps cover additional costs. We recommend planning study abroad early on. A stay during the BA-program could be in the 5th semesters, in the MA-program in the 2nd or 3rd semester.

Further information: Akademisches Auslandsamt (Academic International Office), Center of International Relations (ZIB), Erasmus outgoing, Study Abroad, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

Current Erasmus Agreements: