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Research Training Groups


Archaeology of Pre-Modern Economies

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Michael Heinzelmann (Cologne), Prof. Dr. Martin Bentz (Bonn)
Associated Fields at the Universities Cologne and Bonn: Prehistory, Egyptology, Classical Archaeology, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Christian Archaeology, Byzantine Studies, Islamic Archaeology, Ancient American Studies, Anthropology of the Americas, Ancient History, Anthropology, and Historical Geography
Duration: starting October 2013

The DFG-Research Training Group (GRK 1878), which started its work on Nov. 1st 2013, gives 18 PhD students, 3 Postdocs and several associated members the possibility to do research in an excellent surrounding under the supervision of scientists from Cologne and Bonn. The research training group aims to investigate economic systems and economic spaces of premodern societies in a diachronic and intercultural comparison. The research projects focus on three research directions: ‘Economic networks’, ‘settlement centers and their surroundings’ and ‘sacred institutions/households a economic units’.

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Formation and Self-Depiction of City Elites in the Provinces of the Roman Empire.

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Henner v. Hesberg.
Associated Fields: Ancient History, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Classical Archaeology, Papyrology and Epigraphy.
Duration: 1991-2000