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Where do archaeologist work?


The fields of activities of an archaeologist can be very diverse and depending on the specialization, personal interest and focus in the course of study, can be shaped individually.

IIn the archaeological BA and MA study programs, professional, methodological, didactic and personal competences are taught; students gain qualifications in the area of presentation techniques and new media as well as strategies for problem solving and the ability of abstraction. This qualifies for many activities.

The courses of studies of Bachelor and Master of Arts is directed towards a broad field of work. Specialized perspectives of work can be accessible in and outside of Germany, f. e.  at universities and research institutes such as the DAI, the RGZM, in museums, archives, bureaus as well as excavation companies, depending on the personal focal areas. Outside of archaeological core areas archaeologist can be found working in public relations and advertising, in publishing, in cultural management and tourism.