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Photo Laboratory

The Photo Laboratory of the Archaeological Institute was used for the independent research and publishing of the Research Archive for Roman Sculpture (now Research Archive for Ancient Sculpture) in times of analogue photography. The photographers created a majority of pictures from the recording to the processing in the darkroom by themselves. Additionally, all tasks necessary for teaching and publications have been handled here.


In the years around the turn of the millenium, a change to digital photography and picture processing occured in the photographical campaigns. With the establishment of the image database ARACHNE, the necessity for processing of the analogue collections of the institute became obvious.


Today, the work oft he photo laboratory can be divided into the following sections:

  • Further photographical campaigns are being conducted in order to record collections of antiquities. The records are processed and displayed according to the requirement and principles of ARACHNE.
  • Digitalization campaigns allow the analysis and transfer of internal and external analogue photographical collections.
  • With issues of database maintenance and the contact with users of Arachne in mind, phototechnical questions and problems are addressed and solved as necessary.

Within the means of the curriculum of the institute, an exercise on „Photographical Documentation of Archaeological Objects“ is conducted regularly. Ideally, it aims to enable the participants to ensure good quality for photographies within their own work. 

Expansion of photography based documentation methods (e. g. RTI, Structure from Motion, VIL, etc.) are discussed and tried in cooperation with the chair of Archaeoinformatics, in order to be implemented into teaching.

Room: 216, 2nd floor