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Archaeogaming is an emerging subdiscipline in the archaeological/historical sciences that has emerged in recent years and is concerned with the study of various aspects of video games in relation to history and archaeology. Coined by American archaeologist Andrew Reinhard, Archaeogaming examines, among other things, the influence of video games on the image of the past and the profession of Archaeology (Reinhard 2018).

In the summer semester of 2022, the Archaeoinformatics Department of the Archaeological Institute has partnered with the Digital Humanities Department to create a joint course in which students in Digital Humanities, Digital Archaeology, and various disciplines of traditional archaeology will work independently in groups to develop short video games that critically engage with the issues of the representation of the past and/or the profession of Archaeology.

This page lists the games created as part of this course. For more information on archaeogaming and the past in games:

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