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Educational Excavations

The study of Classical and Provincial Roman Archaeology is also supposed to teach the conduction of stratigraphical excavations. The institute conducts its own educational projects for this purpose, that aim to teach students modern methods of excavation and documentation techniques without the usual shortage of time. A specialty of the institute in Cologne is the possibility to become more familiar with geophysical prospection methods and surveying techniques (f. e. Tachymeter, GPS). The use of computers and specialized software (f. e. databases, geographical information systems) is growing in importance. The projects usually stretch over several weeks and are accompanied by lectures and excursions. Because of the diverse findings and stratigraphy that varies depending on the location, it is recommended to already gain experience during the course study. 

Earlier educational projects included f. e. Amiternum (Italy), Dimal (Albania), Kanawath (Syria), Nettersheim and Straubing. Current projects are Elusa (Israel), Tel Shalem (Israel) and Kerpen-Manheim.