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+++++++ Bekanntmachung +++++++

Ab dem 09.06.2021 kann die Bibliothek bis auf weiteres wieder genutzt werden. Die Arbeit vor Ort steht ausschließlich für Angehörige der Universität zu Köln mit laufenden Abschlussarbeiten (Diss, MA, BA) zur Verfügung und unterliegt den Allgemeinen Hinweisen und Verhaltensregeln zur Bibliotheksnutzung. Desweiteren werden die begrenzten Plätze ausschließlich über ein Online-Buchungsystem verteilt. Die Bücherausleihe erfolgt auch weiterhin dienstags nach dem üblichen Verfahren. Damit keine Bücher gesucht werden, welche bereits verliehen sind, stellt die Bibliothek eine Online-Liste zur Verfügung, auf welcher eingesehen werden kann, welche Bücher aktuell verliehen sind.

Allgemeine Hinweise zur Bibliotheksnutzung | Verhaltensregeln | Online-Buchungssystem zur Platzreservierung

Library of the Archaeological Institute

The library of the Archaeological Institute has about 40 workstations, including three computers, one computer for online book search, printers and scanners. Free WiFi is also available in the entire library, which allows users to do research online, find books in the Kölner Universitätsgesamtkatalog (KUG), the catalogue of the University and City Library (UB).

Within the stock of the library, numerous works that focus on Classical Archaeology, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces and further associated topics can be found.

A main focus within the Classical Archaeology stock, is made up of topics on topography, building research, sculpture and reception history. The collection of the department of Archaeology of the Roman Provinces mostly focuses on the Roman northwestern provinces but is continuously increasing its works on the others provinces.

Additionally, the library owns around 530 journal series, from which several are already completed. The stocks of monographs and journals is constantly updated, which means, recent research publications can also be found in the library.

If there are any questions or problems, student assistants are available to the users of the library in room 103. The room is open during the opening hours of the library. Aside from assistance, a wide range of electronical equipment for presentations in seminars of the Archaeological Institute are available.

Scanner: during opening hours in room 115

Library rules:

1. The library of the Archaelogical Institute is a reference library. Books can only be borrowed under special circumstances.
2. Setting up a so-called book apparatus or the usage of a book case can be allowed for a limited time when working on a final thesis. A note with the assigned book case has to be placed in place of the book.
3. Books in the library have to be handled with uttermost care. Therefore, it is forbidden to put several opened
  a) books on top of each other,
use open books as a pad,
  c) make highlights or annotations inside books (the latter will be considered property damage and the person   responsible will have to compensate the damages).

4. The books have to be returned to their assigned place after use (please note the signature).
5. Conversation disturbs the other users of the library. The “Teeküche” (kitchen) and not the hallway is reserved for conversations. The use of cellphones within the rooms of the library is allowed only in silent mode for the same reason.
6. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all rooms of the library! Bringing food and drink is also strictly forbidden!
7. The scanning of books is possible during the opening hours at the scanning station in room 115 with an exception of some signatures.
8. The newly acquired books, journals, monographs, handbooks and catalogues can be found in the “New Arrivals Section” (book shelf opposing the main entrance) for several weeks. Books that have been taken from here, are to be returned after use.
9. Laptops, notebooks, tablet and other portable computers can be used in all rooms of the library – with consideration concerning the other users of the library.
10. Taking bags and jackets into the library is forbidden. In this case, the overseer in the hallway is the authority.
11. Violation of these rules may result in the withdrawal of the usage card. Theft or property damage will result in criminal charges.


Rooms: 104-108, 113, 115-117, 1st floor