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Master 'Archaeology'

Within the Master program of Archaeology five different archaeological disciplines Classical Archaeology, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Prehistoric Archaeology, Egyptology and Archaeoinformatics (Digital and Computational Archaeology) in different combinations can be studied in Cologne: As a single major, one of the five disciplines can be studied by itself (study profile A) or in combination with a second discipline (study profile B). Additionally, one of the five archaeologies can be studied with an external discipline as a double major.


The course of study requires proof of 120 CP each. In the single major as well as in the double major, a collective basic study is mandatory, which consists of 1 basic module with 3 courses that aim to deepen the methodological knowledge of the archaeologies (12 CP).

The actual studies are based on this, where one can choose between study profile A or B: In a single major with only one archaeological discipline, 57 CP are to be taken, whereas when choosing two archaeological disciplines one has to take 27 CP in each. An integral and innovative part of both choices of the single major is a block that is focusing on natural sciences / Geoarchaeology / Archaeoinformatics with 12 CP. In the supplemental modules deepening studies of the students’ choice can be done. The final grade is calculated from the chosen focal modules and the Master thesis (30 CP), which is usually drafted in the fourth semester.

In the double major, one of the archaeological disciplines can be combined with another major at the University of Cologne. In this case, the collective basic study (12 CP) is also mandatory. In the consecutive studies, 27 CP are to be taken. The supplemental modules aim to deepen knowlesge according to the students’ interest (12 CP).

Language Requirements 

For Archaeology, English level B1 in the Common European Framework is required. When registering for the MA thesis, for Classical Archaeology and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces knowledge of Latin (3 courses) have to be shown. The required knowledge can be acquired within a supplemental module. Students of Classical Archaeology in the study profile A also have to proof the knowledge of Ancient Greek (2 consecutive courses). Especially in Archaeoinformatics, students are required to understand lectures in English as well as reciprocate English literature.

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