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Bachelor 'Archaeology'

In Cologne four archaeologies can be studied in the course of the Bachelor program in different possibilities of combination of Classical Archaeology, Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Prehistoric Archaeology and Egyptology: In a single major study, one can choose one or two of the archaeological specializations (Study profile A), or two specializations of choice (Study profile B). In addition, in a double major one of the four available specializations can be combined with an external discipline.


The study program requires proof of 180 credit points. A joint basic study (BM) is obligatory, which consists of 2 basic modules with 3 introductions of the different disciplines and their methods each as well as the tutorials that are part of it (24 CP).

Afterwards, one can choose between study profile A and B: in a single major with only one archaeological specialization 72 CP are required, with two archaeologies one needs 48 CP per archaeology (profile B). The integral and innovative part in a single major course of study is the block of natural sciences / Geoarchaeology / Archaeoinformatics, which is more focused in study profile A than in profile B. In the supplemental module specializations of choice according to interests are possible. For this the Studium Integrale (12 CP) can also be used. The grade will be calculated by the focal modules (SM) that are taken during the course of study and the Bachelor thesis (12 CP), which is usually drafted in the sixth semester.

In double major studies, one of the archaeological disciplines can be combined with an external discipline at the University of Cologne. In this case, the collective basic study (24 CP) of all the offered archaeologies is mandatory. In the continuous further studies 42 CP are needed. The supplementary module (EM) requires further specialization according to the students’ interest (24 CP) and the Studium Integrale (12 CP).

Language Requirements

In general, knowledge of two foreign languages is recommended. Because of legal reasons, English Niveau B1 is necessary for the study of Archaeology. When registering for the Bachelor thesis, one should be able to present knowledge of Latin (kleines Latinum, which is equivalent to two courses at the University of Cologne) when studying Classical Archaeology and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces. Acquisition of the required knowledge can be undertaken within the supplementary module of the course of study.

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