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Literature review and citation guidelines

A thorough literature review is the basis for good presentations and term papers. But how do you find the books, articles, conference papers and online publications that are important for your own research question?

In addition to the online catalog of the Cologne University Library, there are other indispensable tools for literature research. Searching and finding scientific literature is also determined by the type of publication (e.g. monograph, article in a journal, etc.).

For the citation of scientific literature as well as for the creation of bibliographies, the citation guidelines must be observed. It should be noted that each scientific discipline has its own citation guidelines.

Classical Archaeology cites according to the guidelines of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), Archaeology of the Roman Provinces cites according to the guidelines of the Roman-Germanic Commission (RGK). Digital and Computational Archaeology accepts all citation guidelines as long as they are consistent.

You can access the DAI guidelines here:

You can access the RGK guidelines (in short version) here.

A short overview with central basics and assistance for literature review and citation can be found here.