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Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Sabrina Geiermann

Research Interests

  • Documentation of monuments and excavations
  • Specialist for 3D surveys and measurements with laser scanners (Zöller +Fröhlich Imager 5010c and Leica ScanStation2). Usage of the processing software Lasercontrol (Z+F) And Cyclone (Leica)
  • 3D data analysis, preparation of digital planning documents, analysis of deformation and rectification of images (buildings and excavations)
  • Expert in the use of postprocessing software, i. e. Cloudworx, AutoCAD and Arctron
  • Geodetic knowledge - use of level (surface and line-leveling), documentation of structures by total station (Tachymeter), single-picture photogrammetry, installation of measuring networks with postprocessing GPS and differential GPS

Detailed information