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The Basilica Aemilia


The research archive is involved in the new recording of the Basilica Aemilia s a part of the cooperation of the German Archaeological Institute in Rome. Together with the eHumanities (Historisch-Kulturwissenschafliche Informationsverarbeitung) , it ensures the back up and coherent web presence oft he material on an IT scale. The project aims to investigate the early phases to the early imperial age. For this, a complete synthesis of all older materials takes place with further investigations.


Database supported material collection

A fixed website with a persistent URL for the Basilica Aemilia in Arachne that is later going to be the digital publication address of the building.  Several plans and drawings that are held in the DAI Rome, such as the ones by H. Bauer, will be integrated. Additionally photos of known and unknown objects as well depot holdings of the Maxentius-Basilica are going to be part of it.


As a part of the magister thesis of Florian Willems, M. A. a 3D model that is based on the new insights of architectural and archaeological research is built and connected to ARACHNE. 3D applications are not designed for dynamic linkage with a web database but connected to fixed links or maps. A technical realization of this concept, if possible on an open-source platform, could be used as a sample application for other DAI projects.

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Förtsch, Prof. Dr. Stefan Freyberger, Prof. Dr. Henner v. Hesberg, Prof. Dr. Rolf-Michael Schneider


Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)