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Recording of the Collection Este in Modena and Sassuolo

Image Source: Photo Caterina Parigi

The sculptures of the Palazzo Ducale and of the Gallerie Estensi were to be recorded by a series of photography campaigns. This can be considered as ground work for the publication of the objects that are an important part of the collection Este. The collection Este is one of the most important collections of art that was established between the 15th and 18th centuries by the dukes of Ferrara and Modena but redistributed after the 17th century. It contains paintings, gems, coins, drawings as well as ancient and modern sculptures that are shown in various museums around the world.  The ancient sculptures are mostly housed in the Palazzo Ducale in Sassulolo. Only few of the ca. 50 objects are already published, the others remain unpublished.



By working on a photographical documentation and the examination of catalogues, the sculpture of the museum’s collection in Modena is to be scientifically recorded and the research on the collection’s history thus continued.

The aim of the project is not only the recording of the objects but also the establishment of a strong network in order to initiate cooperation with other museums and to ensure a long-term cooperation on the research and publication of upper Italian collections of sculptures.


Scientific staff:


  • Gallerie Estensi di Modena