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Museo Gregoriano Profano, Funerary Monuments 3. Sarcophagi and Reliefs of Equites singulares.

On a request by the Vatican Museums, the sarcophagi became part of the catalogization as well. The Vatican Museums used the argument that the sarcophagi corpus of the German Archaeological Institute only includes parts of the monuments as long as they are part of the investigated topics of iconography. A general overview over the monuments that were found in the context of a closed necropolis does not exist yet.

A main focus will be on those contexts. They would be well located among the sculpture of the Museo Gregoriano Profano, which is being recorded by the research archive. The corpus of sarcophagi will not be altered in its interests as decided by Prof. Dr. G. Koch. Reliefs of the equites singulars offers the possibility to gain insight into a intensively researched group of Roman magistrates in the northwestern provinces in their city Roman representation.

Supervision: Prof. Dr. Dietrich Boschung, Prof. Dr. Alexandra Busch, Dr. Martin Langner

Cooperation: Vatican Museums