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Dionysian Assembly Locations in the Roman Imperial Age.

Several literary, epigraphic and archaeological remains attest the over regional worship of Dionysos, Bacchus and Liber Pater. Thus it does not lack studies that summarize the single finds regarding the Bacchus cult in each region. So far only few archaeological contexts have been investigated in the Imperium Romanum that allow further interpretations on the votive practices inside a “Bacchium”. Especially a contextual point of view, which analyzes each monument with its archaeological context, will show patterns of behavior and values in religious contexts much better. In the current research, an already excavated Liber-Pater sanctuary in Apulum is compared to other sanctuaries. Dionysian assembly locations in Carnuntum, Pergamon, Athens, Melos, Pompeii and Cosa are analyzed.

Supervision: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Alfred Schäfer