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Dacia - Religious History of Roman Dacia

In the northwestern provinces of the Roman Empire, the contact of colonists and military with the indigenous population lead to the formation of an independent provincial Roman culture. These acculturation processes cannot be recognized in the province Dacia that was established by Traian. Indigenous populations are proven to have accumulated in smaller settlements in rural surroundings. The percentage of the indigenous population is hard to estimate though. Research on the provincial religions will thus be concentrated on those inhabitants that have immigrated from other parts of the Roman Empire. The new province creates an integration space that can be settled anew in a religious sense. Donations and votive offerings in Roman sanctuaries show how the communicative conditions were established between the immigrants and military members on a religious level. A systematic study on the religious history of the province of Dacia is the aim of the research.

Supervision: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Alfred Schäfer