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Digital Humanities-Kolloquium: Mélanie Roche (Bibliothèque nationale de France)

Size matters: converting 18 million records into linked data at the National Library of France

Datum: 13.01.2021
Uhrzeit: 18:00 Uhr (Einlass), 18.15 Uhr Vortragsbeginn

Ort: Zoom

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I. A three-dimensional issue: time, volume, and people

This is where I would stress the interlinking of time and volume: volume is the consequence of history, and therefore of different layers of data that were deposited according to different people in charge, cataloguing practice and standards, etc. It very much amounts to taking an almost archeological approach to data, and the fact that data never looks the same even in what appears to be a very constrained system.

II. Lock’em up in a room: a mixture of diplomacy, compromise and intellectual thoroughness

This is where I would focus on the method we are following for the migration — and which basically consists in being all locked in a room for five hours a week until we reach an agreement on conversion rules. This is also where I will talk about the conceptual model, IFLA LRM, and the data model that we plan to implement in the future system.

III. It’s not just about data: the system too has to go

This is the part where I’ll expand on the simultaneous overhaul of our IT system, and the issue of linking this linked data to our own in-house applications — over 100 of which use bibliographic and/or authority data on a daily basis just to allow the library to function as a basic service. This will give me the opportunity to put things in perspective, seeing how data migration and curation is an ever-going process that you are never “done with”, even with such colossal projects as this one.