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Die Studienrichtungen „Klassische Archäologie“ und „Archäologie der Römischen Provinzen“ im Studienfach „Antike Sprachen und Kulturen“ des Zwei-Fach-Masterstudiums werden zum 31.03.2023 eingestellt. Eine Einschreibung im ersten oder höheren Fachsemester ist seit dem Wintersemester 2020/21 nicht mehr möglich.

Für Studierende der oben genannten Fächer ist der 31.03.2023 des Wintersemesters 2022/23 zugleich der letztmögliche Prüfungstermin. Bitte wenden Sie sich bei allgemeinen organisatorischen und inhaltlichen Fragen des auslaufenden Studienfachs bzw. bei Interesse an einem möglichen Wechsel zum 1- oder 2-Fach-Master Archäologie an die Fachberatung: Frau Agricola (Archäologie der Römischen Provinzen) und Frau Dr. Kleineberg (Klassische Archäologie).

Master 'Ancient Languages and Cultures'

In Cologne, two archaeological disciplines can be studied in the course of the M.A. program ‚Ancient Languages and Cultures’: Classical Archaeology and Archaeology of the Roman Provinces. These archaeological disciplines can either be studied with another ACaL discipline (study profile 1b or 2b) as a double major or another external discipline of the University of Cologne (study profile 1a or 2a). If the Master thesis is conducted in the other study area or the external discipline, the archaeological discipline Classical Archaeology or Archaeology of the Roman Provinces will be studied in study profile 2.


The program requires proof of 120 credit points (CP). In the archaeological discipline (Classical Archaeology or Archaeology of the Roman Provinces) studies equivalent to 39 CP are needed. They are made up of the basic module (6 CP) and 3 focal modules (33 CP). In the supplemental module, 12 further credit points have to be completed. In addition, 30 CP are given for the MA thesis. The remaining 39 CP are to be taken in the external discipline.

The obligatory basic study consists of 1 basic module (BM-ACaL), which aims to show the scientific possibilities of Classics in Cologne. The BM-ACaL is to be taken only once. If the archaeological discipline is studied in the study profile 2b, one has to choose between supplemental module 2B (Classical Archaeology) or 3B (Archaeology of the Roman Provinces) instead of BM-ACaL.

Deepening free of choice according to interest can be done within the supplemental modules (12 CP). The final grade is calculated from the taken focal areas (33 CP) and the Master thesis (30 CP), which is usually drafted in the fourth semester.

Language Requirements

For both disciplines, English level B2 of the Common European Framework as well as reading skills of another modern language are required. When registering the Master thesis at the latest, knowledge of Latin (Latinum, 3 courses) is required. Acquisition of Latin knowledge can be integrated into the course of study.

For the archaeological discipline Classical Archaeology, as long as the Master thesis is done here (study profile 1), the Ancient Greek language is to be taken for 2 semester courses. This has to be done by the registration of the Master thesis and can be integrated into the course of studies.

Further Information on the Course of Study

Further Information

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