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Technical Information for Presentations

By using a presentation, the properties of the material in the used image are supposed to be made more accessible to the participants of seminars/exercises more intensively. The intellectual requirements thus remain the same. It does not mean that the requirements become invalid by using a presentation software such as PowerPoint, if they are not mentioned in this document again. Please also read the Information for the Drafting of Student Papers.

The Purpose of Figures within the Archaeological Discourse

Figures contain monuments, ranging from an overview to details, and should reinforce the argumentative train of thought. Since Classical Archaeology does not draw from Metaphysics, objects that are not visible or blurry, will not be discussed. No or even bad images are detrimental to the discourse and the listeners and pose no help at all.

Display within the Presentation

  • single or double projection (comparisons)
  • clarity
  • recognizability


  • remain in the same style
  • consider fade-in time
  • plainness means comprehensibility
  • logical structure of events


  • one font within the main text, at the most one other font from the same font family may be used 
  • Sans Serif is easier to read in large fonts
  • Serif for longer texts


  • parts of the text can be highlighted with colors
  • too many colors disturb the readability
  • the background should be unicolored, white is preferred
  • colored font on colored background should be avoided


  • categorically embarrassing
  • if one has to use it at all costs, SPARSELY!
  • only exception: graphical elements such as arrows

Online Image Research for Presentations 


Image database of the German Archaeological Institute and the Research Archive for Ancient Sculpture, Cologne.
Access: User: DigiDiathek / Password: DigiDiathek
(If you found a matching object in Arachne but not photo is shown, please contact the student assistants of the Digital Library (Diathek))

Beazley-Archive, Oxford

Authoritative database on pottery of Classical Antiquity.
Access: free, sign-up required.


Digital version of many CVA volumes, important for images of ancient pottery.

Digital Library (Diathek) of the Institute of Classical Archaeology of the FU Berlin, access from the university's network only:

  • connection with "" (under Mac: Finder > Go to > Connect to Server), Sign in with guest account (Gast), activate folder "public".
  • open FileMakerPro  > open existing file > Hosts > Path: fmnet:/ > sign in with guest account (Gast) > Button "FU Berlin DigiDiathek"

known problem: some thumbnails are not displayed, the original images can be opened with a double click.

Google Image Search

Numismatic Image Database Eichstätt

Prometheus-Image Archive

Network of several image databases and digital libraries (Diatheken) (f. e. Archaeological Institute Gießen)

Access: from computers in the university with "Campus-Login". This can also be done from home with a VPN-Channel (further information: )

iDAI.bookbrowser (Arachne)

Lithographies UB-Heidelberg

Lithographies & selected publications from before 1920