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Bibliography Programs


During the course of studies and also later when doing scientific work, it is necessary to find and work with numerous articles, contributions and books. In order not to lose an overview on the already read but also to bring an order into unused literary citations, bibliography programs can be helpful. Citations (that allow to find the literature source securely) can be linked to notes, keywords and references. By doing this, a database that can be searched by authors, keywords, titles or personal groupings is created. Already read works can be complemented by summaries. This facilitates finding information again at a later point in time and is necessary for modern scientific work.

Two bibliography programs are rather popular:


Citavi is a proprietary software that is free to students of the University of Cologne. It supports administration of literature but also allows comments, excerpts, references and task managing tools for a far reaching organization of knowledge.


Zotero is so-called freeware, a free program, that can be installed as a separate program but also as a plug-in for the browser. This allows to take a screenshot of the website or the PDF that is being read by a simple klick. It will be saved as a snapshot in the database.